I explore a little in photography creating surreal ideas bringing interesting textures to draw people in. There's something about a jingle was an on the spot creative photoshoot, with quick thinking to assemble an interesting environment. Wanting to show the cool feeling of wearing shades while blasting music. 

Media: photography

Size: 12 by 16

Year: 2018




Using typography I was challenged to create a poster of a story in my life. The story goes my baby cousin poked me in the eye asking "hey what's in your..." and the next thing I could remember is the pain that could only be described as "ow". I wanted to show the pain, distortion, and blurriness of my eyesight at that exact moment  

Media: type, & photography

Size: 20 by 16

Year: 2019




Using the premise of the somewhat extreme 

Futurist Manifesto, I wanted to create an extreme Manifesto as well as focusing on the past rather than the future. The Futurist wanted to destroy all of the past to create a future from scratch which was insane, so I wanted to portray that insanity in these videos exclaiming that it is the future we

must fear, that we must rewind. 

Media: videography 

Year: 2018




I have a background in fine arts were I create surreal imagery, using color pencils. I really enjoy mixing the color pencils to create a well-blended image. Although I haven't been able to give more attention to my drawings I will be getting back to it soon so stay tuned. 

Media: color pencil 

Size: 20 by 14

Year: 2016