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I rebranded the psychology conference Memory, Myth & Meaning using inspiration from surrealist publications to come up with the branding. The surrealists looked up to psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, helping me make the connection for my inspiration. I created a new log, 3 posters and the call of papers, for the conference using the ideas of layers in the human mind which is studied in psychology.  

Media: graphics

Size: 11 by 17

Year: 2019

With these last two posters, I was able to create three posters seen below. The second poster has a die-cut M that would adapt to its environment when hung. Then having the second and third posters layered on top of each other creates a third poster that, relates back to the depth and layers of psychology. 

mmm poster irl 1.png
mmm poster irl.png
mmm poster irl 2.png


Skyline brand identity 2 4-22.png
Skyline brand identity 26.png

This rebranding was a collaborative project of Skyline Farms, bringing the community to the forefront. We created logo branding with two extensions to the NYC urban farming company that included their Sprout Cafe, and Harvest Market. Creating the app and website design to

be able to connect the company's farmers to their consumers.     

Media: graphics

Collaborative Designers: Betania Moreno, Michele Moira, Naomi Nuñez and Miguel Puello  

Year: 2018

Skyline brand identity 2 4-38.jpg
Skyline brand identity 2 4-39.jpg

The website and app were designed to allow the consumer to interact, review and talk to their farmers. The NYC area would be able to get locally grown organic produce knowing exactly who grew them. The app as well was designed to bring monthly recipes to consumers and allowed them to order their groceries straight off the app. The clean and user-friendly interface brings the brand colors to life throughout each platform, making green its core color.    

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