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I was inspired by the Dada Movement to design a book for the Jefferson Market Library focusing on the history of the building. The Library used to be a Court House that held for a short period of time, the infamous case of Shaw vs. White. The murder of one of NYC's biggest architects (White) at the time was murdered, the case was pure insanity and I wanted to bring it to light using Dada.   

Media: graphics

Size: 8 by 8

Year: 2019

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I was able to have fun with the spreads to bring the case to life. My favorite spread is the trail

(third image down) where Dada symbols come to the forefront and the figure pointing begins. This expressed the back and forth of the trail that spilled into two separate court hearings.  



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When exploring the NYPL I began to see a pattern in the light fixtures that could guide visitors through the library. In this book, I created a guide to the NYPL using exposed pictures I took throughout the library to show examples of the chandeliers. I created a wayfinding system solely on the fixtures to guide visitors through the library. ( Note: the back cover, however, wasn't an image taken by me). 

Media: graphics & photography

Size: 8 by 8

Year: 2019

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I created a hierarchy based on the different styles of chandeliers seen in the pyramids of the spreads. As well I added pull out tabs that would supply the visitors with information of where they are based on the Chandelier in the room. This way finding system is a new perspective on the library, adding a little fun to the visit. 



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In this book, I was bringing awareness to the unkempt foreclosed homes in neighborhoods densely populateded with minority groups like my own. Using the visual language of contracts, I was able to address issues of bank corruption, suburban segregation, and lack of community backing and support. This book is a case study filled with research to be continued with branding that will be uploaded later on this year. 

Media: graphics & photography

Size: 8 by 8

Year: 2019

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Using the visual language of a contract allowed

me to poke fun at a flawed system of retailer contracts. This leads to the idea of the American dream of home owning, that isn't as simple as it seems. Having tabs, an envelope, & a binding clip encourages the viewer to just skip the reading and sign but BEWARE pursuing the American dream is like pursuing a false reality. 

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